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FX-Trender The FOREX Manager

FX-Trender, the professional trend following strategy was developed in the crisis to able to make profit from currency trading on behalf of investors. We have reached the goal giving to the retail and institutional clients a way to connect with a really high level of steady verified performances. The strategy of this FOREX manager basically based on the strict risk management and capital protection by multiple ways and it is generating consistent profit from month to month.

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Forex Is By Far One Of The Most Profitable Investment Vehicle In The World

The Opportunity

  • Risk Adjusted Investment

What is Forex?

The global currency market also is known as Forex for its or FX is the largest financial market in the world with a turnover of over U.S. $ 6 trillion (USD), which makes it the most liquid financial market in the world.

Investing in Foreign Exchange

Most institutions have held exposure or are currently exposed in the Foreign Exchange market. For years FX managed accounts have provided returns that are non-correlated to stocks and real-estate thus providing a unique from of diversification for investors.

Preferential Access to dedicated professionals

As Forex professional ourselves we are privy to the very best Institutional FX managed accounts. Through our extensive contacts and relationships, we provide our clients with access to the best performing FX managed accounts. Our due diligence process is extensive and we only work with the best in the industry with proven track records and consistent profitable

Safety, Transparent, Profitable, Most Liquid and Honest Investment

In Forex Managed Account is very important that our investors feel secure when investing, which is why we have opted for transparency and honesty in our results always real and audited accounts with excellent results as well as the security of the capital of our investors, cooperating solely with regulated Brokers and well known Banks.

Adaptive Technical Analysis

FX-Trender provides clients with access to risk adjusted trading strategy enabling them to benefit from adaptive technical analysis on a variety of major currencies. This, in turn, offers a solution to the best FOREX managed account.

By using technical analysis, changes in increasing or decreasing of highs and lows the overall risk exposure is limited, muted.

Spread your risk.

Trade with the best

The Strategy

  • Capital Protection


FX-Trender is the absolute return manager, specializing in technical as well as fundamental investment trading strategy. The focus is on major currency trading, with the most sophisticated of risk management techniques.  FX-Trender is managed forex account program, with the aim to take advantages on both as well as increasing and decreasing markets on behalf of clients. Our forex trading strategy is focusing on psychology and superior risk management which is the cornerstone of our strategy

Adaptive Technical Trading

FX-Trender uses the most efficient way of analyzing currency markets and trends. This involves finding opportunities towards the conclusion of the correlation with sufficient resistant and support levels.  At FX-Trender, a mix of psychology with technical analysis and advanced money management techniques are provided to the clients by institutional level. FX-Trender takes benefits from the conformist trading strategy that ensures that it will be profitable in all types of market conditions at all times. To managing assets, entry points are determined via technical analysis.

The trading decisions are made through mathematically calculated risk management factors for protecting the capital from certain events. By using the most adaptive analysis trading, decisions based on correlation theory to look for the best risk-reward investment option. The stop-loss location is mathematically derived by taking onto a significant historical level. The transaction value calculated through a mathematical formula ensures that the risks are unified in all the trades. In addition, our strategy takes care of all factors that influence the market, with a team that monitors it 168 hours a week; with the special focus on the technical analysis of the major currency pairs.

This is what helps us be prepared for the invention of banks, natural disasters or any event that can have a high influence on the market.

Market Psychology

The key to our performance is a complete understanding of the market psychology, ‘trend is our friend’ and that the trend goes in the opposite direction post-correlation. Our objective is to minimize risk in all trades, we ascertain that the range of expected returns is always much higher than risk. We follow a simple low loss-high win philosophy with the most strict, effective and advanced risk & money management.

As a most powerful diversification, our strategy is looking for all of more major currencies. FX-Trender has the privileges with the most experienced trader, private banker in a perfect executive environment to be sure about the quickest and most appropriate reaction in case of any unexpected market movement.

Risk Management

Our risk management techniques are an invaluable component of our strategy. In any time can happen an unexpected event, in that case we are risking just a small part of the assets in every trade. All of our transactions are always including a security exit point to protect client’s funds. After an unequally movement stop loss modified to be risk free (brake even). Broker stop-out level, is a percentage of balance when the broker closes all of trades to protect client capital. The FX-Trender has low historical draw dawn and never reached the stop out level. This vast array of experience proves that our technical analysis is generating consistent profits each month.

The program at a glance


Low Frequency, Adaptive
Trading Strategy


The appreciation of client assets
through the trading of Foreign
Exchange market



1 year




$ 10,000 USD


Daily, withdrawals
processed withing 72 hours


Based on High Water-Mark


  • Outstanding Returns


Trender is a trend following strategy, where the trend is determined by technical analysis, changes in increasing or decreasing of highs and lows. Looking for trade opportunities when the price reaches support and resistance levels which determinate by Fibonacci levels, pivot points, and former significant levels. Here patterns help trading decisions. Former “existing” high or low shows the place of stop-loss and the value of order also calculated to that point by risk in percent or amount. Pay off ratio considered when profit goes outstanding which allows partial close. Against of the trend, the scenario is possible is special cases like higher time frame reached a significant level than strategy allows to take the lower risk.

Our team is focused on middle and large investors that look for steady trustful conservative and profitable programs serviced personally by dedicated. Middle and large investors will have our fast effective email support and plus we have added extra services for investors from our professional team.

  • Instrument: majors

  • System: technical & fundamental

  • Trading Type: manual

  • Expected return: 10%

  • Used Leverage: 1-10x

  • Risk per order: 0,7-1,4%

  • Max risk at the same time: 5-6%

  • Capital Protection: 90%

  • Profitable month: 95%

About Broker

  • Trusted Broker

Why Trade CFDs with STO?

Extremely Competitive Trading Conditions:

  • 2 cents per share on U.S. equities and 0.08% on German equities
  • Spread from 0.2 pips on EURUSD.

Safety of client funds:

  • Client money protection
  • Segregated bank accounts

Fully Regulated:

  • STO is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and
  • Commissione Nazionale Per Le Societa’ e La Borsa (CONSOB)

Benefits of Trading with STO

  • Take advantage of rising and falling markets.
  • You only need to pay a fraction of the value of the position.
  • Get access to a wide range of trading instruments.
  • Manage your risk by using stop-out.

More Benefits from STO

  • Multi-level pricing – clients can monitor market depth
  • Multiple order choice
  • No dealing room intervention
  • No re-quotes

STO aims to provide an optimum trading environment for retail and institutional clients.

The program at a glance

FX-Trender provides clients with access to risk-adjusted trading strategy enabling them to benefit from adaptive technical analysis on a variety of major currencies. This, in turn, offers a solution to the best FOREX managed account.

By using technical analysis, changes in increasing or decreasing of highs and lows the overall risk exposure is limited, muted.

Spread your risk.

Trade with the best

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